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Australian Cider Day - 13th March 2021

If you are a cider fan it is important to support the craft cider makers who are making real cider. There are some craft producers out there using concentrates and imported ingredients and producing a cheaper and in my opinion a more inferior product. Cider makers who use nothing but 100% Australian apples are 100% worth supporting, this is the only way to ensure that the industry will continue to grow in the right direction. So on the 13th of March grab yourself a cider with the 100% Australian grown logo and support your local cider makers.

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Australian Cider Day on Saturday 13th March is the perfect opportunity to seek out and celebrate Australian craft ciders.

Industry body Cider Australia established this annual event to highlight product origin and help consumers learn more about authentic Australian cider.

Cider Australia President Warwick Billings said the events of the past year have focused the minds of consumers on authenticity and products made by locals with ingredients they understand and trust.

“Cider made with 100% Australian grown fruit continues to outperform the rest of the category”, said Warwick.

“Cider Australia launched its 100% Australian Grown trust mark to help consumers identify and buy local products, and it is now displayed on hundreds of ciders across Australia helping them to buy local”, Warwick said.

“With the apple harvest upon us and cider makers beginning to press and ferment thousands of bins of fruit across Australia, Australian Cider Day is the perfect opportunity to salute 100% Australian craft cider”.

Cider producers will mark this day by organising cider events, tastings and other fun festivities with events published on Cider Australia’s website as they are announced.

Everyone is encouraged to share news and photos about Australian Cider Day events with the hashtag #drinkaustraliancider to ensure the country’s cider cheer is spread far and wide.

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