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Ampleforth Abbey - Traditional Cider

Ampleforth Abbey which is located in the Yorkshire Valley was formed in 1802 by the Benedictine Monks after they fled France during the revolution. The Monks who settled here always had some provision of fresh apples which were used by the local farms and schools once the community started to grow. It wasn't until the late 1940's that Fr. Edmund Hatton turned the orchard into what it is known as today. He implemented the East Malling row growing system which made it easy for the fruit to be picked without the use of ladders as the trees are kept low. The orchard has ontinue to grow over the years and now has an impressive 70 varities of apples which are grown organically. In the early 2000's someone in the community had he idea to utilize the excess harvest and turn it into the delicious cider that we know today.

Ampleforth Abbey - Traditional Cider

ABV - 6.5%

Size - 500ml

Country - England

Region - York

Nose/Aroma - You are greeted with a sweet dessert apple tartness with a very faint hint of a barrel aged funk.

Appearance - It is a lovely bright golden colour with a light cloudy haze. The haze is due to the cider being drawn from a barrel for bottling. It has some very light carbonation that slowly diminishes once poured.

Flavour - This traditional cider is medium dry with a very smooth, balanced finish. It is made with a blend of cooking and eating apples and has been matured for roughly 8 months. This allows the apples to mellow and leaves you with a depth of flavour which is complimented by a pleasant mouth watering sweetness and mild acidic tart. It has the faintest hint of carbonation but lends itself to be more on the still side which is expectd from a traditional style of cider.

Overall Thoughts - I think this is a perfect example of a traditional cider that delivers on aroma and flavour. It is smooth, easy drinking and the sweet, tart finish keeps you coming back for more. If you like real traditional style ciders then this is a must try.

Rating - 8/10

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