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Cumbrian Cider Co - Mulled Cider

The Cumbrian Cider Company collects apples from gardens and small orchards throughout Cumbria and turns them into cider. As they are collecting apples from so many sources their ciders are made with dessert apples, cooking apples, cider apples and crab apples. They don't like to see apples go to waste, so if you have surplus stock or windfall apples you can take them to the cidery and they will give you back 10% of the cider made with your apples. This is a pretty great intiative if you ask me.

Cumbrian Cider Company - Mulled Cider

ABV - 6.6%

Size - 500ml

Country - England

Region - Cumbria

Nose/Aroma - The first thing that hits you is the mulled spices, particularly the cloves. It is then followed by a slighly sweet but tart apple aroma with a hint of spicyness.

Appearance - It is a light golden colour that is very clear. It has no visible carbonation.

Flavour - Just like the nose on this cider the prominent taste is the mulled spices. The cloves really come through with a slight hint of cinnamon. You then get a tart/funky apple with very minimal sweetness. This cider isn't initally very dry but it then leaves your mouth dried out on the finish. I found it to be a little bit thin on the body but there is some complexity from the variety of apple types used. This cider has no carbonation leaving it dead still. It is definitely a cider to be enjoyed warm.

Overall Thoughts - This was a very enjoyable mulled cider that is a perfect sipper for a cold afternoon. I think it was a nice combination of spices to make a tasty festive beverage (even though I can enjoy a mulled cider anytime of the year). If you enjoy a mulled cide this is definitely worth a try

Rating - 5.5/10

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