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Dunkertons - Premium Reserve Organic Cider

Founded in 1980 by Susie and Ivor Dunkerton, Dunkertons was on a mission to create real ciders that were focused on using cider apples to make something that was deep and full of flavour. The ciders that they were making were free from concentrates and chemicals which allowed them to make organic ciders that were far more eco friendly. To this day they are still following this ethos of cider production and have received awards for most of their range from various competitions.

Dunkertons - Premium Reserve Organic Cider

ABV - 6.8%

Size - 500ml

Country - England

Region - Herefordshire

Nose/Aroma - On the nose you are greeted with a very funky organic apple aroma. It is mildly earthy with a very gentle apple sweetness. On smelling this one I knew I was in for a cracker of a cider.

Appearance - It is light golden in appearance with a very nice cloudy haze. It has quite a strong carbonation which they credit toward the use of Champagne yeast.

Flavour - This cider is made from 14 different varieties of cider apples and is matured for 12 months which gives such an incredible depth of flavour. The apple is accentuated and enhanced from the strong carbonation from the Champagne yeast. It has a very full body feel in your mouth and has a sweet medium dry finish. One thing I found interesting is that your taste buds are taken on a wild ride which finish with your mouth watering and just wanting to take another sip until it is gone.

Overall Thoughts - I absolutely loved this cider and couldn't fault it in any way. It has everything that I find enjoyable in a cider and every sip keeps you wanting more. If you are a real cider fan you will find this one fantastic tipple.

Rating - 8.5/10

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