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Aspall - Premier Cru

Clement Chevallier was the first to plant a large-scale cyder orchard in Suffolk back in 1728. Clement pioneered a new standard for British fine cyder by pressing and blending his apples which is a very common practice still to this day. Almost 300 years on, Aspall Cyder House is still in operation and now houses the 9th generation of the Chevallier family.

Aspall - Premier Cru

ABV - 6.8%

Size - 500ml

Country - England

Region - Suffolk

Nose/Aroma - On the nose you are greeted with a light tart/sour apple and a little hint of a floral note.

Appearance - This cyder has a pleasnt golden colour but it remains fairly clear. It has a nice ring of bubbles when poured but they are gone as quick as they appear.

Flavour - The Premier Cru offers a strong, full flavour with a considerable bite from the natural acids in the apples. It does say on the bottle that this cyder is extra dry but I didn't feel it dry out my mouth completely. There is a hint of sweetness which adds to the complexity and depth of the cyder but a lingering tart finish is what you are left with. It has very minimal carbonation and leans heavily toward a traditional still cyder.

Overall Thoughts - This is a no nonsense traditional cyder that will give you a nice sour apple kick. It is a cyder made for those who don't like them sweet and like a little more complexity to what they are drinking. It was definitely very enjoyable and I am interested to see how the rest of the range compares.

Rating - 6.5/10

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