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Co-op Apple Cider

The Co-operative group known as the Co-op is a British consumer co-operative

that has been around since 1844. They were the first major UK retailer to be heavily focused on Fairtrade. It is the largest co-operative in the UK and the Isle of Man with over 5 million members. Becoming a member with a paid subscription you can democratically be involved in their current business strategies which involves returning dividends to members and charitable community causes. With over 7000 locations you can pretty much find a Co-op no matter where you go.

Co-op Apple Cider

ABV – 4.5%

Size – 568ml

Country - Ireland

Region – N/A

Nose/Aroma – It has a very faint apple aroma but it is a fleeting smell that leaves as quick as it arrives.

Appearance – The cider is a yellowy gold but it is fairly clear in appearance. It has very minor carbonation that dissapears after a short while.

Flavour – The flavour is not very complex at all. It has a small hint of apple but that is where it stops. I did find it to be quite watery which means it didn't last very long and had a minimal aftertaste.

Overall Thoughts – With water being the main ingredient and it being made with concentrate it is lacking in flavour and complexity. However it is still fairly refreshing and very easy to drink. This would definitely not be my go to cider but I would happily drink this again.

Rating - 4.5/10

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