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Kentish Pip - Katy Apple & Rhubarb

Based at Woolton Farm near Canterbury, Kentish Pip cider was born in 2012. Apples have been grown at Woolton Farm for over 100 years and now operated by the fourth generation of the Mount family. Mark and his wife Rosie started out doing this all by hand in their driveway and after a string of awards have grown to be one of the great cider producers in the UK with their ciders found abroad.

In 2017 Kentish Pip started to produce special blends for Marks & Spencer after obtaining a Safe and Local Supplier Approved (SALSA) status. This cider is one of the many that have been produced, so I'm definitely interested to see what special future blends they will release.

Kentish Pip - Katy Apple & Rhubarb

ABV - 4%

Size - 330ml

Country - England

Region - Canterbury

Nose/Aroma - It is very fruity with a strong green sour apple presence. Rhubarb is definitely there to add a subtle layer but not as prominent as the apple.

Appearance - It is a vibrant yellow colour with the faintest pink hue. It is also incredibly clear.

Flavour - This cider is light heading toward medium dry, it is very crisp and tart. One thing that does stand out to me is how acid driven this cider is wihout being to overpowering which is due to the sweetness. It hits your tastebuds with a tang that will make your mouth water, which I really enjoy in a cider. This cider is definitely a perfect exampe of sweet and sour with a fairly long lasting finish which leans toward the rhubarb. The carbonation is quite strong to begin with but as it sits in the glass it drops off to become very light.

Overall Thoughts - This was my first cider from Kentish Pip and I was extremely impressed. Such an absolute lip smacking delight that keeps you wanting to sip it until it's gone. It is crisp, tart, sweet and 100% delicious, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Rating - 7/10

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