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Thatchers - Katy (Single Variety)

Thatchers first cider was released in 1904 by William John Thatcher at Myrtle Farm where the cider is still made to this day. Many of the ciders made at the farm are matured in Oak vats that are over 150 years old which is what allows Thatchers to maintain their unique flavour profile. Thatchers is still a family owned and operated business that is one of the biggest presences in the UK cider market and known throughout the world.

Thatchers – Katy (Single Variety)

ABV – 7.4%

Size – 500ml

Country – England

Region – Somerset

Nose/Aroma – Katy is quite fragrant and offers a sweet, fresh and fruity aroma that is completely apple.

Appearance – It is a very clear cider with the faintest hint of yellow.

Flavour – This cider is medium dry, very crisp and fresh without being to acidic. However there is definitely a sharpness to the flavour which is offset by a sweet finish which you don't expect at first. it has some light carbonation which seems to drop off fairly quickly. Having a hefty 7.4% it manages to remain quite smooth and doesn’t taste to alcoholic but after a few you may find yourself a little light headed.

Overall Thoughts – Being my fisrt single variety Katy cider I wasnt sure what to expect but I found this to be very enjoayable. It isn't a very complex cider but it is fresh and lively with the Katy apples giving a unique flavour. I think that Thatchers have an absolute winner with this cider and I will definitely be drinking this again.

Rating - 7.5/10

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