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Thatchers - Vintage 2019 (Oak Aged)

Thatchers each year since 2009 (I couldn't find any older vintages, happy to update) have been releasing a vintage cider made from a blend of bittersweet apples from their orchard, which they say are "the pick of the harvest" from that year. These ciders are oak aged and then bottled once they have achieved their desired traditional flavour profile.

Thatchers - 2019 Vintage (Oak Aged)

ABV - 7.4%

Size - 500ml

Country - England

Region - Somerset

Nose/Aroma - It has a fairly strong apple aroma with a nice faint hint of smoke and oak.

Appearance - It is a lovely light golden colour while being nice and clear.

Flavour - This 2019 vintage is medium dry with a very pleasant depth of flavour and fullness which is created from the combination of bittersweet apples and oak ageing. The apples offer some residual sweetness and crispness on the finish while the oak makes it incredibly smooth by mellowing it out. The carbonation is something that dissipates very quickly but I kind of expect this from more traditional styles.

Overall Thoughts - I have always been a fan of oak aged ciders and this 2019 vintage from Thatchers is incredibly enjoyable. It has a pleasant deep, full flavour and a smooth finish that makes this 7.4% very approachable. Thatchers are great at sticking to a traditional flavour profile that is true to them. I would definitely recommend this and can't wait for the 2020 vintage.

Rating - 7/10

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